© SHA WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – Rob Benedict Is Returning As Chuck The Prophet Next Season !

Thanks to our dear friends the “Louden Swain” for this info !

We can tell you that Rob is definitely returning as Chuck next season !! Rob is not returning as a regular, but still as a recurring character. He’s excited to return as Chuck the prophet !

Please note that the Network didn’t confirm this info yet… (Stay tuned, I think the official announcement of Rob’s return will be done during the summer…)

Anyways, this is a great news for the fans, cause we’ve heard a lot of your opinions about the guy and ya’ll seem to like “Chuck The Prophet” !

So what else can we say ?!

Just “ENJOY” – Our favourite Prophet will definitely be there next season !

© Please note: As a courtesy, please do not reproduce this post to newsgroups, forums or other online places. Link backs only please.


{PS : We announced in Exclusivity his return to you, our really devoted visitors a while ago now, and that news has been “Officially” confirmed (03 weeks later) By WBNX.Com}


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  1. Cool. Glad he’s coming back. He looks so different from when he was on Birds of Prey…so it’s cool to see him again on Spn.

  2. Yup glad to know he’s back too ! That Prophet rules !

  3. Hi. that’s cool. chuck rules.

    can i post this link on my website? i will link back only as you ask, and will credit you for this. but first i want your permission.

    Thanks for sharing this with us

  4. Of course you can do it 😉

  5. thank you so much!

  6. You’re very welcome 😉

  7. Cool. Thanks for the 411.. Bobby Gee Check out my blog http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  8. great news!!!!

  9. http://www.wbnx.com/blog/
    WBNX the Cleveland CW station is confirming Rob’s return- they have tons of casting news for other CW shows too.

  10. Okay thanks Kate 😉

  11. Some very interesting points have been made here, it is refreshing to see that your site gets quality visitors.

  12. Yeah indeed… Anyways, Thank you 😉

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