© SHA Weblog Exclusive – News From Our Fave Prophet : Chuck {Rob Benedict}

Admin : Yup fellas our fave Prophet gave us some news and also that pic above which is an unseen pic of him… As usual if you use this pic or share the infos below on your website, as a courtesy, Link back to us… There You Go :

News On Rob Benedict :

Rob has done two ‘Supernatural’ episodes and is heading back in a few weeks to do two more. We don’t know details, but he’s been having a blast. Said it’s going to be a good season.

He’s also attending a Convention – A Supernatural Memorabilia Convention in Birmingham, England, the third week of November…

And to conclude, Rob is busy shooting an episode of the sitcom “Till Death” this week…”

News from the band Louden Swain :

“The band has been posting a few more live songs and working on a new set to start playing the live show again at the end of this month. We’re practicing our set which is most of the songs on our album “A Brand New Hurt” plus an old one of ours that fans really like but we haven’t played in a while called “Prom Song“. And we’re also going to post some “Cover Songs” on Youtube soon. Including a couple of Beatles songs !”

Enjoy !



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  1. Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

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