Chad Lindberg To Return As “Ash” On Supernatural !

Thanks to our friends & affiliates, SpoilerTV.Com, for the heads up…

It’s official Chad Lindberg will be returning as Ash on Supernatural ! Here’s what he posted on his facebook & twitter pages :

“#Supernatural BOMBSHELL! Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s confirmed.”Dr. Badass” will be back “IN”! It’s real. It’s happening. Start filming in Jan ;)”

We over at the SHA Weblog are really excited about that news as we were huge fans of Ash back in the Season 02 ! We’re really looking forward to his next appearance, even though, I’m kinda 100% sure he’ll be back as a zombie in episode #515 DMDWP, where a couple of “Nice-Zombies” suddenly decide to pay a little visit to their love ones that are still alive !!! I so can’t wait !


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  1. aw awesome news once again =)) I have like a few hours till my flight, but I couldn’t resist to check on my favourite blog =)) hehe, Love Ash (and Chad even more, he was awesome in FF) =) Hope he won’t be a very pissed off zombie. Can’t wait

  2. either as zombie or as ghost or maybe he’s ascended to angel status?

    or is he really dead? i mean, they only ever showed his watch or whatever in the burnt remains of the bar….

  3. YES!! Ash is comin back!! He’s awesome! :D I’m pumped!!!
    I love how Supernatural can do that…bring back characters that have died somehow…not many shows can…actually none that I can think of! lol just another reason to LOVE Supernatural XD
    can’t wait to see the imfamous mullet again! …or can zombies have mullets? well, this one will!! lol

  4. maria,
    I thought about that too…it didn’t actually show Ash dead, they just assumed since his watch was there…*shruggs* who knows? lol

  5. Lol Lizzy

    Maria Yeah that’s a thought, but I think the boys would have heard of him if he was still alive, right ?!

    Lola I’m gonna miss you babe !

  6. well they hadnt heard of ellen and jo goin hunters, so i guess they might have missed the fact ash is not dead as well?

  7. @ Maria
    very true…
    plus he could be hiding?? I mean if he stays away from hunters, that could cut down on his chance of dying?? lol not completely cause demons and ghosts n things can find you anywhere…but still…lol

    I love how in this show, if someone dies, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t make a comeback…even if it’s just for one episode (like Jessica) :)

  8. HA HA!!! I didn’t realize that I said pretty much the EXACT same thing as my previous message…I’m such a turd…LOL

  9. That’s okay, it’s always fun to read your comments !

  10. Yeah, there is a chance that he is just hiding…maybe he still has some very important info for the boys and thinks that he will be hunted for it…did they ever say what it was that he wanted to tell Dean? I don’t think he did….does anyone remember? Hmm…maybe he’ll come back as a demon! Wait, he can’t because ash is still being played by Chad…./ Omg no! I just had a horrible thought: what if it’s just another shapeshifter or Lucifer…damn, it better not be a shapeshifter…I’ll be so mad! Any comments?

  11. lol…I’m glad somebody thinks my comments are ‘fun’…lol

    umm..they never actually came out and said what info Ash had but I think it had to do with the giant devils trap for the devils gate thinger… I knew that when Ash was like “we can’t speak on the phone!!! *hangs up*” that somethin was gonna happen so that they wouldn’t get that info! grr…lol

    oh noes! I really hope it’s not Lucifer again…I was excited that Jessica was gonna be back and it was that freakin douche!! lol

    I really hope he’s comin back as a zombie though cause he would make zombies cool like Twilight did with vampires…lol

  12. I hope when ASH ( Chad Lindberg ) does return to Supernatural that he tells Dean what his big secret was. That he was going to tell him right before he died. In Season 2. I’m excited to see him return. Congratulations to Jared Padalecki on his marriage. Although he needs to know he broke millions of fans hearts. But we want you to be happy anyway’s! Sniff! Sniff!

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