L. E. : 09/14/09 – Animated Icons

Animated Icons :

Last Edit : 09/14/09


Dean-Ish Icons :

Last Edit : 09/14/09 – Resized Icons :

Avatars :

Just One thing I’ll ask you : If you wanna use them, it’s fine, you can do it, ain’t no need to ask but… Just give our blog – Or Me – The credits, you know if you could just link back to us or something like that… It’d be great… Thanks for your respect…

Source : Supernatural Hunters’ Addict Forum


  1. Nice job on the avatars.

  2. Hi .. nice job with the Icons. I love them ! I am how ever totally smitten with Castiel / Misha Collins … I was wondering if you were planning on making some soon with Castiel … ( preferably solo ) Cas&Dean icons are also nice.

  3. I’ll try to do that, that’s a good idea, stay tuned 😉 and thanks a lot for the compliments it’s greatly appreciated !

  4. Very nice site!

  5. Wow ! … the new Icons are great ! I love them !

  6. Thanks I’m glad you like ‘hem

  7. hey!! 62 days and 22 hours until
    ‘sympathy for the devil’!!!!

  8. oh, and great icons !!
    hehe…always with the scissors;)

  9. LOL thanks I just digg that scene LOL

  10. wow , unrelated to this but, i was listning to scorpions , dont believe her , and some of the lyrics are SO fitting for the sam/ruby thing!! for those that dont know the song…….

    she’ll make your heart break
    she’ll give you fever
    she’ll tell you everything but dont believe her
    the perfect stranger
    she knows the game
    she’ll promise heaven on earth

    she’ll make you crazy
    she’s such a teaser
    says your the only one but dont believe her
    she deals in danger
    the girl’s insane
    she’ll promise heaven on earth
    but dont believe her

    hmmm. by the way thats a really good song 😉

  11. thanks~!:-)soooo great!

  12. OMG this is soo awesomee 😀 ♥
    just wondering tho.. could u pls post what episodes u used for these icons? thx 🙂

  13. hi…whoah..its so awesome…
    hey..can i use ne of those animated icons..like in facebook..as my profile pic? can i use it?.. and how?

    its really cool…

    thanks… :0

  14. Sure you can use it, that’s why I made them in the first place 😉 You just gotta save the file you wanna use on your computer, then (I don’t know if Facebook allows animated avatar !) But you can use it on other websites… You just gotta browse your computer and find where you’ve saved the avatar then you select it, and you upload it, that should work 😉

  15. oh thank u…
    awesome…its so full of dean… luv it…great work.. 😀

  16. great job on these XD
    I love the one where from Death Takes a Holiday, where Dean goes “am I making you uncomfortable?”…I swear I could laugh at that all day! totally my favorite part of the episode!! XD

  17. Hi could I quote a few sentences here in this post if I provide a link back to your site? Richard 🙂

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