© SHA WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – Interviews W/ The Cast


As y’all know, we were lucky enough to interview several actors from our favourite show, so we decided to create that page so that you’ll be able to read (Or re-read) these interviews without having to search through the archives of the blog to find them ! So enjoy…

.:. The Interviews .:.

07/17/09 – Rob Benedict (Playing “Chuck ‘The Prophet’ Shurley”)

09/28/09 – Jim Beaver (Playing “Bobby Singer”)

01/08/10 – Samantha Ferris (Playing “Ellen Harvelle”)


Once again, we’d like to thank all these guys above that have nicely agreed to answer our questions… You guys rock…

More interviews are coming, so… Stay tuned !



  1. Hi, I am from Indonesia, I love supernatural very much, I want to say “Have you interview Jensen and Jared?” I love them too cause they real “BROTHERS”

  2. Nope we didn’t interview Jensen & Jared but maybe someday!

  3. Hi, I’m a big,big fan of supernatural tv series all seasons. I’m from the Philippines. I like supernatural from season 1 to season 5. Hope to see the season 6. More supernatural to come.

  4. I’m an avid fan from the Philippines

  5. I just badly miss the Winchester brothers,… hope Studio23 (Filipino channel) will bring back Supernatural.

  6. Hello! I’m from Brazil, I don’t speak English, but I’ll try. I love supernatural and I follow some actors from the series on Twitter, but can not find Jared and Jensen, they have twitter? Thank you and congratulations! Kisses!

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