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© SHA Weblog Exclusive – News From Our Fave Prophet : Chuck {Rob Benedict}

Admin : Yup fellas our fave Prophet gave us some news and also that pic above which is an unseen pic of him… As usual if you use this pic or share the infos below on your website, as a courtesy, Link back to us… There You Go :

News On Rob Benedict :

Rob has done two ‘Supernatural’ episodes and is heading back in a few weeks to do two more. We don’t know details, but he’s been having a blast. Said it’s going to be a good season.

He’s also attending a Convention – A Supernatural Memorabilia Convention in Birmingham, England, the third week of November…

And to conclude, Rob is busy shooting an episode of the sitcom “Till Death” this week…”

News from the band Louden Swain :

“The band has been posting a few more live songs and working on a new set to start playing the live show again at the end of this month. We’re practicing our set which is most of the songs on our album “A Brand New Hurt” plus an old one of ours that fans really like but we haven’t played in a while called “Prom Song“. And we’re also going to post some “Cover Songs” on Youtube soon. Including a couple of Beatles songs !”

Enjoy !



© SHA WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – Rob Benedict “AKA Chuck The Prophet” Answers The SHA Admins’ Questions !

Read Carefully The Text Below, Before You Watch The Vid…

To Download the text retranscript of the video interview made by the Co-Admin, RivalHunter, Click Here : Rob Benedict SHA Interview Retranscript

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© SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS ADDICT WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – To Celebrate the 150.000 Visits of our blog, Rob Benedict (Playing “Chuck” The Prophet On the TV Show Supernatural, also lead singer of the band “Louden Swain“) has exclusively agreed to answer the questions of the SHA Weblog’s admins !

As you may know, if you’re one of our most devoted visitors, I (Jen “Main” Admin of the blog) live in France, and at the time Rob has agreed to answer our questions, I couldn’t travel to Vancouver to “Physically” Interview him, as for RivalHunter well he lives in Vegas but he was also unable to move at the time that video’s been shot ! So Michael Borja, Rob’s “Co-Musician”, has nicely asked him our questions…

Rob talks about his experience on the TV Show Supernatural Playing Chuck The Prophet, he also talks about his relationship with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins… He gives us more details about a scene he shot with Jared Padalecki, he tells us more about the cast, and more about the S05 season premiere he shot two weeks ago and, he’s kinda Spoilery about some details of what’s coming up next season… And more…

These questions were asked by the admins and two of their most active “Visitors/Commenters” On the blog, Niki & Lola…

Also there was a question that Rob forgot to answer in the first vid… We told him it wasn’t a big deal, but he wanted to answer it anyway, so he filmed himself with his own computer camera and he answered the question he missed before… So there you go :

To Download the text retranscript of the video made by the Co-Admin, RivalHunter, Click Here : Rob Benedict Last Question Retranscript

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About the videos quality, well we had to convert the vids many times before we were finally able to protect the vid with the address of the blog so we know the vids are kinda blurry but in our opinion, those are still “Watchable”…

We also uploaded the interview on our official YouTube Account : SNHuntersAddict At Youtube but we had to cut the interview in two parts cause regular YouTube videos are up to 10 mins and the interview is 11.05 long… (BTW – The video quality is WAY better On Youtube than on Dailymotion Just thought you’d like to know this…) Here are the links :

|RB Interview Part. I|RB Interview Part. II|

We also uploaded the whole interview on our official Dailymotion account : SNHuntersAddict At Dailymotion

And to conclude that article, we just wanted to say :

Much thanks to Rob and Louden Swain for their time and efforts to make this all happen ! You guys are awesome! 😉 Seriously we’re not sure we’ll ever be able to thank you enough for all this… THANK YOU SO MUCH… YOU GUYS RULE !

BTW – If you like the song “Pop Tart Heart” the “Louden Swain” perform at the end of the video interview then, we just wanna let you know that it’s available on Itunes : A Brand New Hurt On Itunes

And last but not least :

We DO Own all the rights of these videos and we won’t turn off the “Embed” Option cause we want you to be able to put the interview on your websites but the only thing we’re asking you, is please : As a courtesy, LINK BACK TO US


© SHA WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – Rob Benedict Is Returning As Chuck The Prophet Next Season !

Thanks to our dear friends the “Louden Swain” for this info !

We can tell you that Rob is definitely returning as Chuck next season !! Rob is not returning as a regular, but still as a recurring character. He’s excited to return as Chuck the prophet !

Please note that the Network didn’t confirm this info yet… (Stay tuned, I think the official announcement of Rob’s return will be done during the summer…)

Anyways, this is a great news for the fans, cause we’ve heard a lot of your opinions about the guy and ya’ll seem to like “Chuck The Prophet” !

So what else can we say ?!

Just “ENJOY” – Our favourite Prophet will definitely be there next season !

© Please note: As a courtesy, please do not reproduce this post to newsgroups, forums or other online places. Link backs only please.


{PS : We announced in Exclusivity his return to you, our really devoted visitors a while ago now, and that news has been “Officially” confirmed (03 weeks later) By WBNX.Com}