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Y’all cried a lot when she died in the mid-season finale ! And now here she is, answering our questions !

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Samantha talks about her past as a radio announcer and she also talks about her experience on the TV Show Supernatural Playing Ellen Harvelle, she also talks about her relationship with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver etc… She tells us more about the crew & co, and more about a possible “Come back”… And more…

These questions were asked by the admins and three of our most active “Visitors/Commenters” On the blog, Niki, Poucca & Lola…


..:. About Samantha .:..

01. It’s written on your wikipedia page that you were a reporter – If it’s true, how did you like the experience ? And how did you go from being a reporter to being an actress ? [LolaJohnston]

Samantha Ferris : I got into the media long before I got into the acting. I went to broadcast school in 1991. I became a radio announcer shortly thereafter and continued to work in the media industry for many years. I still do once in a while. I was a rock jock, traffic reporter in a plane, weather reporter on a tv station….you name it. I loved the media but it wasn’t going to be my be all end all. I needed something more. I woke up one morning and realized that I was bored and wanted to chase the real thing…. acting. And I did.

02. What music do you listen to ? [LolaJohnston]

SF : I was always very into music. I worked at a record label for a few years and was exposed to a lot of different stuff so my answer is varied. It depends. I still love the modern rock: Oasis, Dandy Warhols, Social Distortion, Everclear. Dave Mathews Band is big on my list. James. William Orbital. Morcheeba. And I am still a sucker for some old classic rock: Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, April Wine, Sweet, 5 man Electical Band. War. I grew up on the stones and will always love them…up until Tatoo You…everything after that was shit, in my humble opinion.

03. What’s your favourite type of movies – Drama, horror, comedy ? And according to your experience, what’s harder to play ? [Admin]

SF : Too hard to answer that. I like all genres…..except maybe horror. Not a whole lot of time for that and being really freaked out is annoying. Some of my favorite movies: Fantastic Mr Fox, Love Actually, Crash, Short Cuts, Superbad, Super troopers, Galaxy Quest, Meatballs, Parenthood, Terms of Endearment, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Good Will Hunting..

04. Do you believe in anything supernatural ? If you do, did you have any personal experience ? [LolaJohnston]

SF : Yes, absolutely. I think there is something out there bigger than the human race…..wouldn’t that be arrogant of us to think that we are the
only energy form out there? I think one day we will tap into an ability to cross over or experience a different plane of existence. For now we are just ignorant human bodies with no 6th sense. We use 10% of our brains. At best. What is the rest of it for? in 1000 years we will be using it for the stuff we call Supernatural in this day and age. I have heard many stories. Too many to be coincidences and lies. I believe I have seen my dead father on a number of weird instances but I have never had an earth shattering experience personally. My best friend Kelli is about to die of cancer. I have asked her to come back and visit me at some point…. I’ll let you know.

.:. About SN .:

01. How did you feel about Ellen and Jo’s exit ? [Niki]

SF : Bittersweet. Very sad to leave the show but we went in a rather heroic and selfless way that i have to be proud.

02. Was your experience on set any different from when you first came 3 some years ago to this season ? Or Has anything changed from season 2 when you came ? [RivalHunter]

SF : Not really. Came in pretty much right where we left off.

03. Were you happy with the last Ellen and Jo scene ? How was the shooting of your very last scene ? [RivalHunter]

SF :They were great scenes to shoot. I like doing the emotionally charged stuff. It’s like therapy. It feels good. Gets you so out of your head and focussed on something else so completely. We were both right there for it. Gotta be careful you don’t cry too much in the first part of the scenes…..save your tears for the closeups on you. I found myself crying really hard for Alona’s coverage and kinda ran out of gas for my stuff, but I saw it and I seemed to have hung onto a bit of it. It was also my last time with the cast and crew so a lot of natural emotion came into play. I was very sad to leave them. They were a sort of family to me.

04. How was your last day on the set ? [Poucca]

SF : Tough. I balled my eyes out. Have gotten to know them all over the years and the crew are a really great bunch of people. It was like when you break up with a guy and then you lose all his friends and family, too. Phil (director) had them put together a little DVD compilation of mine and Alona’s stuff and edited it all to “she’s a lady” by Tom Jones. It was very sweet and not necessary. That made me really weepy. I will miss them more than any other cast and crew I have ever worked with.

05. Do you think that is it or have there been hints about a flashback or a ghost sequence ? [Niki]

SF : Yes, there were hints before we even left that there were opportunities to come back but you never know how things are going to go. I know that no one ever really dies on SN and you can always come back. I am hoping for it, but not counting on it.

06. if Ellen can come back as a ghost, what kind of ghost it should be – a bad one (one looking for revenge, because the Winchesters got her and Jo killed) or a good one (totally understanding and trying to help) ? [LolaJohnston]

SF : I don’t think she’d ever come back at those boys with revenge. Ever. She might come back on the wrong side (if Eric Kripke wants to be
really twisted) but I don’t see her really turning on them. I would have a very tough time shooting that. I believe they would be true to her character and bring her back as an ally….find a way for her to help them. But that is just me……anything is possible….they like the shock factor on the show…..maybe.

07. What can you tell us about the cast ? [Admin]

SF : They are wonderful boys. I only met the Castiel character once but Jared, Jensen and Jim are a treat to be around. J and J are good Texas boys who were raised right. They are respectful, kind, professional and very sweet. No diva LA stuff there. Love them to pieces.

08. Can you tell us more about the video the crew made for you on “She’s a lady” (Tom Jones) ? [Poucca]

SF : It was a montage of all the scenes we did. With a nice script on the screen at the end to the effect of, thanks ladies for all your hard
work on the show. It was very touching.

.:. About Her Plans .:..

01. What’s next on your agenda ?

SF : I am going back to school part time but will continue to act. Just finished shooting a little movie in Victoria called 7 Deadly Sins……and just did an episode of a new show called Hiccups. Unless you are Canadian this won’t make sense, but it’s Brent Butt’s new tv series. He is the guy behind Corner Gas.

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© SHA WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – Jim Beaver Interview

/!\ Kinda Spoilery /!\

Picture courtesy of Jim Beaver

© SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS ADDICT WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – To Celebrate the 200.000 Visits of our blog, Jim Beaver has exclusively agreed to answer the questions of the SHA Weblog’s admins !

This interview has been processed online by personal emails so I can assure you that it’s really Jim who answered the questions, he would have loved to do it the same way Rob did it (You know, a ‘Video’ interview) But he doesn’t have any camera, and besides he added :

It would be a spoiler if you saw me right now

Well now I’m thrilled lol…

Anyways, Jim talks about his experience on the TV Show Supernatural Playing Bobby Singer, he also talks about his relationship with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Chad Lindberg, AJ Buckley, Travis Wester etc… He gives us more details on his writing experience with his book “Life’s That Way“, he tells us more about the cast, and more about the S05, he’s kinda Spoilery about some details of what’s coming next in the season 05… And more…

These questions were asked by the admins and two of their most active “Visitors/Commenters” On the blog, Niki & Lola…


.:. Life’s That Way .:.

01. Less of a question and more of a shout out. You have lived through a terrible ordeal with grace and honour. Thank you for sharing this touching story through your book, it is a great help to know how others cope with this kind of loss. You are a giant among men. So, how are you? [Niki]

Jim Beaver : Thank you for the kind words. I guess I’m fine, pretty much. I have a great life with a beautiful child and a terrific job working with people I love. My losses still ache, but my life is splendid.

02. How long did it take you to write that wonderful book ? [Admin]

JB : Well, in a sense, it took me exactly a year to write the book. That’s because Life’s That Way is a compendium of emails I wrote every night for a year. Of course, there was a great deal more work afterwards, because there was too much material for a single book. There was the necessity of editing out large portions and smoothing the transitions. So there was the year of actual writing, and then probably a year of scattered work preparing it for publication. But those couple of years took place between 2003-2009.

03. Do you intend to write another one ? [Admin]

JB : I don’t have any plans for another book of this nature. This was such a singular experience, and it is dealt with so all encompassingly in Life’s That Way, that I’m not sure how I would follow up with another similar book. But I’ve been writing books most of my adult life. (I just haven’t finished many of them!) I’ve been working on a biography of 1950s TV Superman actor George Reeves for a long, long time, and I also have a crime novel I’m about a third the way through. I’ve got other projects lying about, but none of these are imminent.

04. How did the idea of writing a book come up in your head ? [Admin]

JB : I didn’t intend Life’s That Way to be a book, at first. It was just a way of keeping family and friends updated on the circumstances of my family during a time of great difficulty. It sort of unexpectedly transformed itself into a journal of the experience, and only after that year was over did I give serious thought to turning it into a book. That was mainly a result of the response of many of the people who followed my original emails. They were quite vocal in their encouragement for me to publish the material. The positive effect it had on many of them seemed to mandate that I share my story with more people. I was nervous about that—afraid of the hubris of self-importance. But it seems from the response the book has gotten that I made the right choice.

.:. Acting Performances .:.

01. I saw you in the ‘X-Files’ {Season 06} ! When you got the part in SN, did you make the connection b/w SN and The X-Files or was it just another job for you ? [LolaJohnston]

JB : Supernatural, when I first got the role of Bobby, was just another job to me. I didn’t know the show. I knew executive producer Robert Singer from having worked for him years earlier on Midnight Caller and Reasonable Doubts. And I discovered I knew Kim Manners from X-Files. I’d really enjoyed working with Kim on that show and was happy to see him on the Supernatural set. Little did I know that he would become one of my closest friends.

02. What are your favourite types of movies-dramas, horrors, commedies ? And for that matter, what’s harder to play ? [LolaJohnston]

JB : I like all kinds of movies, both as a viewer and as a performer. I confess, though, that I’m not a particular fan of horror movies. There are a few I really, really like, but in general I’m not a follower of the genre. I love Westerns, to see and to make, probably above most other forms. But a good story is a good story, whether it’s a genre piece or a drama or a comedy or anything else. Good stories and good characters are what’s fun to see and what’s fun to play. I don’t find any of them inherently harder to play. Some are harder to shoot, because of technical demands. Horror and sf are much tougher because of special effects.

03. how do you want SN to end ? With happily ever after or with all of them going down in a blaze of glory ? [LolaJohnston]

JB : I don’t really care how SN ends, as long as it ends with the kind of powerful resolution that Eric and his staff are so capable of. My wife used to say that my favorite movies were the ones where the audience spends hours getting to love characters and then they all die. Well, that’s not exactly true, but I certainly don’t object to that kind of story. I doubt seriously, though, that SN will end that way. Redemption has been so much at the core of the show, I can’t imagine Eric letting it end on anything but a reinforcement of that theme.

04. Would you like to direct and/or write an episode ? [LolaJohnston]

JB : I used to write television, and while I love having written it, I don’t have much ambition in that field. It’s hard work and I generally prefer to write things that grow out of my own interests and concerns rather than to contribute to someone else’s vision as a writer. I would certainly attempt it if I had a great idea for an episode, but so far I haven’t had one of those. I never cared to direct, either, at least not as a career ambition. Directors work far too hard for me to want to be one of them consistently. I just directed my first film, Night Riders, a short based on a play of mine. It was a wonderful experience, but it was far, far easier than what’s necessary to direct a TV episode or a feature film. Right now, I have a minuscule ambition to direct a couple of other short films, but that’s about it. Supernatural, I’m afraid, will have to live without my stupendous directing skills.

05. Would you like Bobby to have a Supernatural power ? and if yes, what should it be ? [LolaJohnston]

JB : No, I like Bobby being just a human guy with human abilities. He’s much more interesting to me that way. (I started to say I’d like Bobby to have X-ray vision, but actually, I really only want me to have X-ray vision. I don’t care about Bobby.)

06. What’s your favourite SN Monsters ? [LolaJohnston]

JB : I hate to be boring, but I don’t really have a “favorite” monster on the show. The show, to me, is so much more about human relationships than it is about the monsters, and Bobby hasn’t dealt with all that many monsters face-to-face anyway. I kind of liked Bobby’s zombie wife jumping on him, but maybe that was because the stuntwoman was pretty.

07. We know Bobby is a real ‘Surrogate-father’ for the Winchester boys… What about your “Real-Life” relationship with these guys ? [Admin]

JB : My relationship with Jared and Jensen is far different from Bobby’s with the Winchester brothers. Bobby obviously knows more and understands more than Sam and Dean, and he’s not just a surrogate father, he’s also a teacher. I don’t have any of that going on with Jared and Jensen. We’re simply fellow actors and friends. I daresay they’ve given me more career advice than I’ve ever given them, nor do I feel I have much to offer them that they don’t already possess. I genuinely love them. We don’t hang out together off the set much at all—hardly ever. But on the set, I feel such warmth for them both, and I enjoy being in their presence. Colleagues and kid brothers is how I really think of them. I’m quite blessed to work with them.

08. What can you tell us about the cast ? [Admin]

JB : There’s not much about the cast I can say that I haven’t said. I really enjoy them all. Mischa and I have probably had more interaction at conventions than we have on the set, and even that’s not much. I love his sense of humor, and I get a kick out of being around him, and I hope there are more opportunities actually to work in scenes together. The rest of the cast, meaning mainly recurring actors, I rarely see. Some of the popular characters over the five seasons are played by actors I’ve never met (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, for example) or have only met at conventions (Chad Lindberg, Travis and A.J., etc.).

09. What’s next on your agenda ? [Admin]

JB : At present, Supernatural has most of my attention. It’s looking to be a heavy season for me on the show, and I don’t have anything else on the calendar (though I’m hoping to do a play later this fall). We’ve just submitted my short film to the Sundance Festival, and I have lots of activities related to the publication of the paperback edition of my book scheduled. And I have a lot of international convention appearances scheduled for next spring.

.:. Season 05 .:.

01. How did Bobby end up possessed in the Season Premiere ? Will this be revealed in time or will this remain a great ‘Supernatural’ mystery ? [Niki]

JB : How Bobby got possessed is a mystery to me, and apparently it’s a mystery to a lot of fans, because I get asked about that a lot! It’s been suggested that Bobby should have been better protected against such things, but I haven’t heard an explanation of why he wasn’t. Whether Eric has an explanation or not, I don’t know. Whether he intends to address the question, I don’t know either.

02. How much of Bobby will we see this season ? [Niki]

JB : Even at his most frequent, Bobby has never been in more than seven episodes in a season. I expect to break that record pretty handily in season five. I’ve already filmed four episodes, and am booked for two more very soon, which will bring me to six long before the mid-point of the shooting schedule. With all that’s happening to Bobby this year so far, I can’t imagine there won’t be a lot of further exploration.

03. Will Bobby meet Chuck ? [Niki]

JB : Bobby hasn’t met Chuck yet, and I only know what I’ve done so far. They don’t tell me much at all about the future. Bobby could be dead in a couple of episodes, he could be a demon or an angel, or he could be a pixie or an elf. I don’t have any idea at all what’s coming.

04. Will Bobby need to be a negotiator between the boys and other hunters ? [Niki]

JB : Again, I can’t answer because I don’t know. It’s certainly possible, maybe even likely, given the current dynamics of the story. But I’d be guessing if I said so.

05. What’s THE big episode ? [RivalHunter]

JB : I guess the “big” episode depends on your viewpoint. I think episode 7 is one of the biggest, simply because it deeply involves Bobby and brings some development and insight into his current situation. People who play other characters might have a different idea about what makes a “big” episode.

06. How many deaths could we expect ? [RivalHunter]

JB : Again, I can only know what’s in the scripts I’ve seen thus far. I do not get notice from the writers what’s going to happen on this show. That said, I have a feeling nasty things are afoot for somebody.

07. What do you anticipate for Season 5 ? [RivalHunter]

JB : I anticipate that season 5 will be powerful, far beyond anything that SN fans have yet seen, both in terms of cataclysmic events and of personal drama. I know what happens in less than half the season, but I’d bet on those things ending up being true.

08. Could you spoil us a bit about the Season 05 ? [Admin]

JB : Aside from the fact that I don’t know much beyond episode 7 at this point, I wouldn’t ruin it for the fans for anything. And, as I often say, I like my job and don’t want to lose it by having loose lips. I can say that even in light of the Apocalypse exploding all around the characters, there’s some very funny stuff coming up soon !

09. Will Bobby Ever Walk Again ?! [RivalHunter]

JB : That remains to be seen. I have no idea what the writers have planned for this. And I probably wouldn’t say if I did !

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© SHA Weblog Exclusive – News From Our Fave Prophet : Chuck {Rob Benedict}

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News On Rob Benedict :

Rob has done two ‘Supernatural’ episodes and is heading back in a few weeks to do two more. We don’t know details, but he’s been having a blast. Said it’s going to be a good season.

He’s also attending a Convention – A Supernatural Memorabilia Convention in Birmingham, England, the third week of November…

And to conclude, Rob is busy shooting an episode of the sitcom “Till Death” this week…”

News from the band Louden Swain :

“The band has been posting a few more live songs and working on a new set to start playing the live show again at the end of this month. We’re practicing our set which is most of the songs on our album “A Brand New Hurt” plus an old one of ours that fans really like but we haven’t played in a while called “Prom Song“. And we’re also going to post some “Cover Songs” on Youtube soon. Including a couple of Beatles songs !”

Enjoy !


© SHA WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – Rob Benedict “AKA Chuck The Prophet” Answers The SHA Admins’ Questions !

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© SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS ADDICT WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – To Celebrate the 150.000 Visits of our blog, Rob Benedict (Playing “Chuck” The Prophet On the TV Show Supernatural, also lead singer of the band “Louden Swain“) has exclusively agreed to answer the questions of the SHA Weblog’s admins !

As you may know, if you’re one of our most devoted visitors, I (Jen “Main” Admin of the blog) live in France, and at the time Rob has agreed to answer our questions, I couldn’t travel to Vancouver to “Physically” Interview him, as for RivalHunter well he lives in Vegas but he was also unable to move at the time that video’s been shot ! So Michael Borja, Rob’s “Co-Musician”, has nicely asked him our questions…

Rob talks about his experience on the TV Show Supernatural Playing Chuck The Prophet, he also talks about his relationship with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins… He gives us more details about a scene he shot with Jared Padalecki, he tells us more about the cast, and more about the S05 season premiere he shot two weeks ago and, he’s kinda Spoilery about some details of what’s coming up next season… And more…

These questions were asked by the admins and two of their most active “Visitors/Commenters” On the blog, Niki & Lola…

Also there was a question that Rob forgot to answer in the first vid… We told him it wasn’t a big deal, but he wanted to answer it anyway, so he filmed himself with his own computer camera and he answered the question he missed before… So there you go :

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|RB Interview Part. I|RB Interview Part. II|

We also uploaded the whole interview on our official Dailymotion account : SNHuntersAddict At Dailymotion

And to conclude that article, we just wanted to say :

Much thanks to Rob and Louden Swain for their time and efforts to make this all happen ! You guys are awesome! 😉 Seriously we’re not sure we’ll ever be able to thank you enough for all this… THANK YOU SO MUCH… YOU GUYS RULE !

BTW – If you like the song “Pop Tart Heart” the “Louden Swain” perform at the end of the video interview then, we just wanna let you know that it’s available on Itunes : A Brand New Hurt On Itunes

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© SHA WEBLOG EXCLUSIVE – Rob Benedict Is Returning As Chuck The Prophet Next Season !

Thanks to our dear friends the “Louden Swain” for this info !

We can tell you that Rob is definitely returning as Chuck next season !! Rob is not returning as a regular, but still as a recurring character. He’s excited to return as Chuck the prophet !

Please note that the Network didn’t confirm this info yet… (Stay tuned, I think the official announcement of Rob’s return will be done during the summer…)

Anyways, this is a great news for the fans, cause we’ve heard a lot of your opinions about the guy and ya’ll seem to like “Chuck The Prophet” !

So what else can we say ?!

Just “ENJOY” – Our favourite Prophet will definitely be there next season !

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{PS : We announced in Exclusivity his return to you, our really devoted visitors a while ago now, and that news has been “Officially” confirmed (03 weeks later) By WBNX.Com}